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Tanya Morgan’s Von Pea Releases Second Single From Forthcoming Solo LP


DOWNLOAD: Von Pea – Boombox

Boombox” is the second single from Tanya Morgan producer/emcee Von Pea’s forthcoming debut solo effort, Pea’s Gotta Have It., a concept project themed around his high school days. While the production value and intelligent lyrics are still present, “Boombox” exudes more of a quiet, controlled energy than previous single “The Yorker.” “This song isn’t a lyrical exercise as much as it’s a vibe,” Pea explains. Producer Aeon sees to it that the track accomplishes Von Pea’s goal.

The rhymes in “Boombox,” for the most part, are not heavy, but the way Pea’s flow and the instrumental’s smooth bass-line and keys are complimentary of one another adds a complexity to the track. This isn’t to say that the song is without substance, though, as, in the third verse, the rapper delves into more serious subject matter when discussing his native Brooklyn. “It’s bleak / Don’t let the gentrifyin’ overshadow / Kids are dyin'” he laments. That Von Pea is able to create such a relaxed and enjoyable song and still inject elements of his own philosophy without overpowering the track’s mood is truly a testament to his ability as a solo artist.

Von Pea’s solo debut, Pea’s Gotta Have It will be available October 12th via Interdependent Media

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