Tyler, The Creator and IceJJFish Perform “I Just Bought A Bugatti on Loiter Squad

Tyler, the Creator clowned a lot of the superficial gangsta garbage Hip Hop on his Adult Swim sketch comedy show Loiter Squad with the “I Just Bought A Bugatti (I’m Happy)” song and video. I’m not sure if everyone will get the joke, particularly those that actually like the type of music Tyler is parodying and his guest vocalist(?) IceJJFish. I think the jury is still out on whether IceJJFish is being serious or if he is just trolling. A comment on the Loiter Squad clip questions whether the shaky-voiced Fish is in on the joke or not. I was asking myself the same question. Regardless, it is an accurate and humorous take on the unfortunate  image of mainstream Hip Hop.

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