Trina Drops drops new DVD



March 29, 2006

New York, NY – Trina is set release her
brand new DVD, Live and Uncut, on April 18th,
under indie label 845 entertainment. The DVD is
intended to take fans of the artist on an up close
and personal look at the star as she tours the
country they will also goes behind the scenes with
Trina. She goes on to explain why she continues to
make history in the music business, “I’m a chick in
the game who is working, and people respect that.
Yes, it has a lot to do with the whole sex appeal, but
it’s a mixture of that image and me as a person. It’s
my whole strong attitude”

Also included on the DVD is a one hour behind the
scenes documentary titled “Sex, Money, and Jewels,”
featuring da baddest bitch in action – recording at
the studio, shooting videos and even giving lap
dances on stage. Speaking on Trina, Jarred
Weisfeld, co-CEO of 845 Entertainment says “Doing a
Trina DVD was a no brainer everyone knows that
Trina is both a sexy and dynamic figure in the Hip
Hop world. Guys want to date her and girls want to
be her. She has mass appeal and this is definitely
groundbreaking material. Sex sells”.

With Trina the excitement never ends and the
Live And Uncut DVD is no exception. Trina is
hotter than ever – let her show you how to live the

Trina debuted in 1998 on Slip-N-Slide labelmate Trick
Daddy’s ‘Nann,’ and quickly became a household
name in hip-hop.GLAMOUREST LIFE differs
from her previous offerings, DA BADDEST BITCH
(2000) and DIAMOND PRINCESS (2002) in
that it showcases a more mature Trina – not just a
seductress, but also an artist.

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