Trek Life – As The World Turns


DOWNLOAD: Trek Life – As The World Turns

“In correlation with the digital release of his new album Evertyhing Changed Nothing, Trek Life is back to hit us with his second single from the album “As The World Turns“. The Oddisee produced track features the emcee proclaiming his intentions for the rap game with a sharp tongue over the DMV producer’s futuristic beat, matching airy instruments with heavy drums. When asked of his inspiration for the new single the California rapper says, “This song is completely based on emcee aspirations. It’s important for an emcee to state his intentions in his flows; you get the whole idea of what I set out to do when I rhyme on this song”. The song delivers the same message as the albums first single, but with a vibe that comes as a stark contrast to the aggressive sound of “So Supreme“. Trek had the full support of Oddisee on the track. “He was into the song lyrically line for line,” explains Trek. “It made the song that much better because you know that emcees of his caliber aren’t easily impressed.” Oddisee’s not the only one impressed.

Trek Life’s Everything Changed Nothing is available digitally starting today. The album will be released physically, on both CD and vinyl, on August 10th.”

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