Tony Hussle’s Sexy, Freaky, Electric to be released on Warner Bros Records

October 12th, 2005 Tony Hussle readies his full length debut album, Sexy, Freaky, Electric. Many wonder, what does Sexy, Freaky, Electric mean? “I came up with the title for my musical influence which is my mother, my uncle Glenn, and I love how Devonte and Prince make music, ” says Tony. The album took 8 months to put it together. Tony exclaims, “I always had that record inside my heart. I always had these things inside my heart. It just took time for me to get alone and discover who I am, and I discovered that I am a song-writer. That I am a real serious musician. ”

The main theme of the album is about relationships between men and women. “I think when guys and girls are together they really do have feelings for each other, but you just see the influence of other people that makes them not really see the true blessings why they are with each other, ” says Tony. Tony wants men to “make her feel special, kiss and hug her, make her your girl for real. My plan is to have every female to tell their guy, you gotta be Tony Hussle. ”

Quotes about Tony’s Favorite Songs

“She’s a Virgin Too ”

“She’s a Virgin ” is about saving your love for the person that deserves it

“Wait ”

“Wait ” is another song about getting with a girl, and every girl has a time limit on when they want to have sex with you, a time limit, 3 months, 9 months, a year.

“Special ”

“That’s making reference to how special you see females really are. They special like high school prom. They special like your favorite love song. They special like that toy you got on Christmas morning. The feeling that you get when you meet a beautiful lady. ”

“Kissin’ & Huggin ”

“Basically about asking a girl to come over there cause you in the mood to have sex, and you want to put her in position that she like and you willing to take it to the edge to make her feel satisfied. ”

“Your Girl ”

“Letting all the females know, I know how it feels when they have a guy saying they gon’ marry them. They have all those rings on their fingers. And we trying to talk to them, and they like ¬Ç√Ñ√≤Ohh I’m about to get married’ but they so called “boyfriend ” or “fianc?¬©s ” be at the bar. I made reference to if you ain’t keeping your girl company, I will. And it’s not a limit on it, cause they ain’t married yet. And that’s why I said you been having that ring for three years and you still be hanging out at the bar. If y’all was so in love why haven’t y’all sent out invitations and get a preacher and get your families together to celebrate that union of love. So if you see a girl that’s dating, if you like her and she not married and she talking about she got a boyfriend, all that don’t count cause right now all that boyfriend talk. Cause if y’all was really in love, y’all would of have a preacher and everybody would be married. ”

“I’m Coming Home ”

“I’m thinking about my girls and talking about them. “I’m Coming Home ” is guys always dealing with girls, having sex for 5 minutes and the girls don’t get any satisfaction, so that song is telling the girls that I’m going to make you cum again, again, again, and again. “

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