Timid releases “My 2 Sense” Music Video; second off of No Time For The Jibba Jabba

Timid releases “My 2 Sense” Music Video

"My 2 Sense" is the second video off of Timid's current album No Time
For The Jibba Jabba. Timid speaks directly to the people giving his 2
Sense on the images and rhetoric that have been fed to society. At the
same time, "My 2 Sense" symbolically resonates with the ending of an
era in the world that won't be soon forgotten and states the fact that
Timid, indeed, has No Time For The Jibba Jabba.

Watch the Internet Exclusive video "My 2 Sense" on YouTube

Lyric Excerpt:
They Got You Thinking That The Sounds Of Blackness
Is The Same As That of Round Of A Gat Click, Like That's It.
I Beg To Differ Because I Deliver Developmental Pictures
Served With A Side Of, Get Your Act Together

The Album
No Time For The Jibba Jabba states that Timid has no time for the rampant
nonsense in Hip Hop and the world
mentality, through that Head Nod music, and shows that lyricism,
intelligence, and good Hip Hop isn’t dead. "My 2 Sense" follows up the
video release for "Let Freedom Ring"
(http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kPsopNiMyRg&fmt=18 ) for which Wired
quoted "Timid puts the brains back into Hip Hop".

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