The Return of SALUTE THE DJ

The Return of SALUTE THE DJ

Featuring Maseo of De La Soul, Rich Medina, Total Eclipse of the X-ecutioners & special guests!

Brooklyn, NY March 4th, 2011
Brooklyn Bodega, producers of the annual Brooklyn Hip-Hop Festival (BHF) present the return of SALUTE THE DJ. This second edition, will bring together some of the industry’s most renowned DJs and never before seen combination sets that will rock Brooklyn this month.

“As a part of BHF2010, the first SALUTE THE DJ was a wildly popular event where over 400 fans walked away with either a renewed or new found respect for the DJ. That momentous first occasion not only hyped the audience but also the artists left energized and with a renewed sense of commitment to their craft. I’m proud to say that in 2011, it only made sense to come out-of-the-box with SALUTE THE DJ as our first major event of the year.” – Wes Jackson, President, Brooklyn Bodega


Attendees can expect a night with performances by a diverse line-up of DJs who will represent the complexities of vinyl and advocate the art of quality DJing with turntablism dexterity, playing the best of crate digging beats and rocking the party with new and old classic records.

“It is an honor to rock with my DJ brothers as the representing turntablist. Since spending my summer over in Australia, I’ve been waiting for the perfect opportunity to bless the decks and give New York City a strong performance. Heard there are some special guests. Can’t wait to see what happens when we all get on stage together!” – DJ Total Eclipse of the X-ecutioners



In addition to an unbelievable line-up, SALUTE THE DJ is sponsored by brands that have a strong affiliation to the DJ. Red Bull Music Academy (RBMA) supports up-and-coming artists with its year-long stream of music, from exclusive mixes to regular shows hosted by the world’s leading DJs and studio wizards. RBMA Radio will record SALUTE THE DJ and broadcast the live performance. Tune in at

Pre-show and day-of contesting will have giveaways by FLüD and Rocksmith Tokyo.

Salute The DJ Will Feature Performances By:

Maseo one third of the groundbreaking Hip-Hop trio, De La Soul. This Brooklyn native is known for his skill of eclectic sampling and as a member of the group is responsible for the band’s debut and Hip-Hop masterpiece, “3 Feet High and Rising.” Since their initial release, De La Soul has released six additional albums: De La Soul is Dead, Buhloone State of Mind, Stakes is High, AOI: Mosaic Thump, AOI: Bionix; and received Soul Train, MTV and Grammy award nominations.

Rich Medina is a renowned DJ that has consistently mixed Hip-Hop, house, Afrobeat, funk and soul music for almost 20 years. Famous for his dance parties, Rich is responsible for crowd favorites like Jump N’ Funk, What The Funke and Props. In addition to his own events, Rich has DJed shows with artists like Lauryn Hill, De La Soul, The Roots and Femi Kuti. Most recently, Rich appeared on the first-ever reality DJ competition “Smirnoff’s Master of the Mix” that aired on BET and Centric.

DJ Total Eclipse is a world renowned turntablist and member of the groundbreaking turntablist crew, the X-Men aka X-ecutioners (DJ Rob Swift, Mista Sinista, Boogie Blind and Grand Master Roc Raida). In March 1996, Eclipse entered the Beat Street Records DJ Battle where he took first place and received a gold bronzed Technic 1200 turntable. He has also recorded cuts on “Equinox” for Organized Konfusion besides working on his own solo projects.

Celebrity host and more acts to be announced soon!

What: Salute The DJ
When: Thursday, March 30th, 8pm- 2am
Where: Southpaw, 125 Fifth Avenue, Brooklyn, NY
Entry: Tickets are $10 Advance/ $15 Door
18+ with ID required

ATTENTION DJS! Want to rock the opening set? Submit a mix to


Event Description:

In Hip-Hop’s early days the DJ was an integral part of the Hip-Hop act. While the evolution of the art form has pushed the DJ literally and figuratively to the back of the stage, his/her importance is still relevant. SALUTE THE DJ will remind those who may have forgotten or those who are unfamiliar with this pillar of Hip-Hop.

SALUTE THE DJ features some of the best DJs and pays tribute to the three disciplines: The Party DJ(s), who hypes the crowd with the latest records; The Turntablist(s), who showcase undeniable visual and sonic expertise on the decks; and The Beat Digger(s), who connect the dots between the Soul, Funk and Jazz sounds at the root of Hip-Hop classics.

The inaugural SALUTE THE DJ occurred on June 24th, 2010 as part of the 6th Annual Brooklyn Hip-Hop Festival where Brooklyn Bodega united some of the most respected DJs in the industry to rock the wheels of steel for a crowd upwards of 400. Performers for that first event included Bobbito Garcia (aka Kool Bob Love), DJ Spinna, Waajeed of the Platinum Pied Pipers, Rob Swift of the X-ecutioners and Rhettmatic of the Beat Junkies. VIPs that attended this event included Grand Wizard Theodore (inventor of the scratch), DJ Disco Whiz (first Latino DJ), Large Professor, Marley Marl and more!

Event Sponsor:

The Red Bull Music Academy (RBMA) is a series of music workshops, a platform for those who shape our musical future. Every year, two groups of 30 selected participants – producers, vocalists, DJs, instrumentalists, and allround musical mavericks from all around the globe – come together for two fortnight-long ‘terms’.

RBMA Radio is an international team comprising of well-respected producers, programmers and journalists oversees our year-long stream of music, from exclusive mixes to regular shows hosted by the world’s leading DJs and studio wizards, to recordings of live performances from the best venues and festivals across the globe. During the actual Academy event, RBMA Radio goes real-time, building a studio and teaming up with local experts to bring the live radio experience.

Product Sponsors:

FLüD was established in 2007 by a few good men who loved fashion and good business. In an effort to bring the watch back to its rightful place as one of the ultimate accessories, the concept for FLüD was born. Its goal is to create unique, fresh watches for the casual and streetwear scene without the pretentiousness or price tag. Fresh style, nice price, its a simple formula. FLüD could get more wordy, but that is not what it is about – its all about the watches.

“SALUTE THE DJ isn’t just a dope event, it’s necessary to the culture. As a DJ myself and founder of the TableTurns Turntablist event, FLüD is proud to be able to partner up with Brooklyn Bodega for this edition of SALUTE THE DJ and more in the very near future.”
– Doug Cohen, CEO & Founder of FLüD (Product Sponsor)

Rocksmith Tokyo is Japanese street couture blended with New York City swagger. The ultimate Mixtape of classic and futuristic cuts, fabrics, music styles and attitudes. After the birth of the brand in 2002 on the Tokyo club circuit, The Life Entertainment partnered up with NYC based Kilo International to take the goods worldwide. Today you can find Rocksmith at select retailers around the globe.

“Thank you to Jon Heredia and the good folks over at Brooklyn Bodega for allowing us to participate in such an instrumental event. Fashion & Hip-Hop is not only a culture but a lifestyle which Rocksmith Salutes. THANK YOU TO ALL THE DJs WORLDWIDE, WE SALUTE YOU!!!”
– Joshua Johnson, Rocksmith – Marketing & Sales

Brooklyn Bodega is a multimedia content production and branding company. Our brand extends into event production, journalism and critical media analysis, digital and grassroots marketing, radio, video, and content distribution. While The Bodega is best known for producing New York City’s largest Hip-Hop event, The Brooklyn Hip-Hop Festival; our expertise also manifests in Brooklyn Bodega Radio, Bodega TV, our blogazine and online home, and most recently The Bodega Agency, our boutique marketing and branding operation.

The Bodega is made up of an extraordinary group of cultural programmers, marketing professionals, writers, designers and academics who have heeded their own personal call to action and have dedicated themselves to the celebration and preservation of Hip-Hop culture.

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