The Freeze Tag (Cassettes Won’t Listen & Bisco Smith) – The Voices

Diving deeper into their soon-to-be released five-song musical/art collaborative concept EP, Hamster KidThe Freeze Tag, the duo comprised of Los Angeles producer Cassettes Won’t Listen and Brooklyn emcee Bisco Smith, is releasing the latest visual installment from the project. The video is the second of five videos from the EP – there will be one video for each track, in addition to three exclusive remixes – each working together to tell the story of Hamster Kid, an everyman’s underdog who embarks on a quest in search for freedom from life’s restrictions and limitations.

The music video for “The Voices,” created, like all five videos from the EP, by world renowned street artist Bishop 203 and director Mike Vidoli, begins the story for viewers. While the EP’s previous video, for “The Hustle,” incorporated bits and pieces, both lyrically and visually, from each of the four tracks to follow, “The Voices” is the track that begins the story for listeners, and thus the video offers a striking visual accompaniment as Hamster Kid begins his journey. With Cassettes Won’t Listen behind the boards, building tension and setting an eerie tone, the visuals depict Hamster Kid, trapped in an underground world and facing a host of ominous and threatening characters as Bisco’s vocals echo in the background, as he raps, “I hear them talking, talking, but they ain’t saying much.” The Freeze Tag’s Hamster Kid EP will be released May 3, 2011 on the duo’s collective label, Daylight Curfew.

The Background:

The Freeze Tag’s Hamster Kid is an animated musical collaboration between Brooklyn MC Bisco Smith Los Angeles producer Cassettes Won’t Listen, brought to life visually with the help of world-renowned street artist Bishop 203, and director Mike Vidoli. The group formed in summer 2010 while Bisco was visiting CWL’s studio in Los Angeles, and a week long collaboration ensued. The studio doors opened and out came a true five-track concept EP revolving around the story’s central character, Hamster Kid, the everyman’s underdog, who fights to stay true to himself while overcoming pressures from peers, naysayers, and society at large. Each song from the EP is accompanied by a video, and producers Echoes Alike, Turnbull Green, J.Vegas, and Devang Shah, also contributed a series of remixes to the EP. Hamster Kid will be released May 3, 2011 through The Freeze Tag’s collective label, Daylight Curfew.

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