The Freeze Tag (Cassettes Won’t Listen & Bisco Smith) – The Vision Video

Third Installment Of The Hamster Kid Series Offers Hope For The Young Antihero’s Troubled Journey

With their new EP, Hamster Kid, released just last week, The Freeze Tag, the duo of Brooklyn rapper Bisco Smith and LA producer Cassettes Won’t Listen, is excited to release a new visual chapter in what has become one of hip-hop’s most unique storyboards. Created by Bishop 203 and directed by Mike Vidoli, the music video series details the trials and tribulations of the young antihero, Hamster Kid, as he overcomes doubt in his attempt to lead a passionate life, free of restriction and limitation.

The latest chapter of this saga, “The Vision,” follows the characters escape from the underground corporate complex seen in “The Voices” and “The Hustle.” Now on the outside, Hamster Kid begins to find solace and strength in the optimism of the big city. Shot in all black in white, the music video depicts citizens of the city in what serves as a motif for hope despite the obstacles people face everyday. As the Booklyn emcee, Bisco Smith, explains, “‘The Vision’ is about the idea of a new day, shining light on a brave new world, and feeling like that new day – that new world – is filled with limitless possibilities. What it brings is completely unknown; the future is uncertain, and this song fully embraces that.”


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