Tech N9Ne K.O.D. Tour: Live In Kansas City Dvd

Bring the Strange Music Experience Home May 18, 2010

(Kansas City, MO – May 2010) – After scoring another No. 1 with K.O.D., TECH N9NE hit the road for 44 shows in 49 days. One of the hardest touring performers in the game invites you to his triumphant hometown show in Kansas City, MO., at the Independence Events Center, in front of a crowd of thousands. Shot entirely in high-definition and energized by the fans who helped make him the most successful independent Hip-Hop artist in history, TECH N9NE and his Strange family deliver one of their most ambitious and impressive live shows to date.

TECH N9NE comes alive on stage. Backed by DJ Chill and pumped with high voltage energy, the rapid-firing emcee delivers hit after hit from his extensive catalog, lighting up the stage and inspiring audience participation with crowd-pleasers like “Caribou Lou,” “Crybaby” and “Einstein.”

But he doesn’t do it alone. Like all great crews – Cash Money, Ruff Ryders, Rocafella, G-Unit — Strange has loyal family members. KRIZZ KALIKO rides by TECH N9NE’s side, delivering a handful of his now-classic gospel and soul-inspired choruses. KUTT CALHOUN is also on hand. The three hold court and reign like Hip-Hop royalty, appealing to the ladies with “Ghetto Love” and relating to the fellas with “I’m A Player.”

When the rap triumvirate drops “Welcome to the Midwest,” screams of recognition shake the rafters. Soon after, KUTT CALHOUN takes a solo turn, performing tracks from Feature Presentation, including “I See It,” where TECH N9NE and CALHOUN pay tribute to Michael Jackson dance moves. Next, KRIZZ KALIKO fires up joints from Genius, like the soul-slammin’, self-reflective “Misunderstood.”

The party continues with BIG SCOOB, who delivers a rousing rendition of “Salue” from Monsterifik. And there’s no better showstopper than the surprise flashes during “Areola,” which viewers have to see to believe.
It’s a truly special night in Kansas City. Die-hard Strange fans pack the venue, and TECH N9NE does not disappoint. He yells to the frenzied crowd, “You are the reason I go everywhere I go,” and is met with a roar of applause. TECH N9NE is thrilled to be home. “I’ma never let you down,” he assures his supporters. “I won’t stop rapping till I’m dead in the ground.”

While Kansas City sparked the Strange Music phenomenon, today fans around the world can’t get enough of TECH N9NE.

Secure a front row seat at Strange Music’s hottest live show. Plus, the K.O.D. Tour: Live in Kansas City DVD includes bonus footage from the KOD Tour: Live in Seattle stop.

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