Tanya Morgan – The Bridge

Image Artist: Tanya Morgan
Album: The Bridge
Label: Interdependent Media
Rating: 3/5

Ain’t nothing sweet bout threemcees named Tanya. . . .  

What?! I’m so confused. I’m reading the track-listing imagining Tanya Morgan to be a Patra-lookin reggae artist circa late-‘93. Instead, I’m left with Brooklyn native MC Von Pea alongside Cincinnati native MC’s Donwill and Ilyas-who apparently are two separate acts performing under the name Tanya Morgan. Imagine my screw face right now. It’s kinda like when I have to explain how my name is pronounced like a body part. . . I digress. 

I suppose if you’re three guys named Tanya Morgan, its safe to say you’ve probably have a few tricks up your sleeve. And Tanya definitely delivers on that notion with The Bridge EP, an eclectic mix of hip-hop tracks and a mini-follow-up to Moonlighting. The nine-track EP is nothing ordinary, but not Gnarls Barkley or OutKast either. Each track is distinct in its vibe, but the lyricism of T. Morgan is connection, the bridge if you will, which brings it all together (I’m sorry, just really couldn’t help myself).

There really is something for every type of hip-hop head, from the laid back vibes of Be You (feels like that old school R&B club joint, like Jade and Brownstone. I’m loving it) to Hip Hop is Dead II and We Doin Our. .”, which are thematically reminiscent of some tracks on College Dropout. Hands down, How Low is my favorite track. I feel like I just went back ten years and I’m at my best friend’s roller-skating party. Anybody remember limbo on four wheel skates? Ahh those were the days. . . .

The beauty of this EP is that it’s just a teaser for what’s coming next, as Tanya Morgan will release an LP in the fall. But you should definitely cop this in the meantime. . . 

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