Talib Kweli featuring Cassper Nyovest – Fuck The Money

Talib Kweli - Fuck The Money

Talib Kweli - Fuck The Money

Let me start by saying anyone who’d like to say “Fuck the Money” can send all of theirs my way. That being said, Talib Kweli has a point on the title song off of his new 11-track surprise album “Fuck the Money”. Kweli raps

“So I gotta tell the truth, that’s a smart decision
Capitalism is a cataclysm
If white collar crime is a bad decision
Then the makers who routinely crash the system
Would quickly get they asses dragged to prison”

Well we know this doesn’t happen and if it does it’s a rare occurrence; usually when they mess with other rich folks money. Word to Madoff. Talib is joined by South African rapper Cassper Nyovest who leads off on the track.

Kweli’s “Fuck the Money” is free to download over at KweliClub.com features Styles P and Ab-Soul with production by Amadeus and The Alchemist.

01 “Gratitude” (Prod. Thanks Joey)
02 “Leslie Nope” (Prod. Amadeus)
03 “Nice Things” (Prod. Amadeus)
04 “Echoes” (Feat. Miguel & Patrick Stump) (Prod. Farhot)
05 “Fuck The Money” (Feat. Cassper Nyovest) (Prod. Farhot)
06 “Fall Back” (Feat. Styles P & Nire) (Prod. Amadeus)
07 “He Said She Said” (Prod. Farhot)
08 “Butterfly” (Feat. Steffanie Christi’an) (Prod. Kaytranada)
09 “Baby Girl” (Feat. Kendra Ross) (Prod. Abhi//Dijon)
10 “The Venetian” (Feat. NIKO IS & Ab-Soul) (Prod. the Alchemist)
11 “Money Good” (Prod. Amadeus)

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