Substantial – Sacrifice

Substantial - Sacrifice

Artist: Substantial
Album: Sacrifice
Label: QN5
Rating: 3/5

You can rot in hell, hip-hop’s alive and well. . . .

Stan B. Robinson, better known as Substantial, is probably one of the most honest MCs you’ll ever hear. Although is presence on the hip-hop scene is more strongly felt overseas, he is He puts his heart and soul in his records bringing a realness that is lost on most mainstream artists. Having moved on from the personal tragedies, which influenced his first album, “…To This Union A Sun Was Born,” Substantial has returned with this second studio album, Sacrifice. Alongside Kno (CunninLynguists), Tonedeff, and Algorythm & Burns, and his QN5 Extended Famm labelmates, Substantial delivers a compellingly, diverse album.

Concept-wise, the title of the album is misleading. It seems as if Substantial has already moved on from his struggle and sacrifice. Nonetheless, I’m feelin most of the tracks on this album from My Favorite Things, where he pays homage to the Sound of Music classic with a hip-hop flair, to the very chill U Can Get It, where his sexy Barry White-esque tone parlays quite the mood. . .Might not want to leave your girl alone to this track. . . A P.G. Boy, is a favorite, in which the horn/synth arrangement creates a perfect marriage with Substantial’s deep baritone voice. Spaticus is a definite head-nodder and one the best produced tracks on album.

Resurrection of the House Party is a hype track, reminiscing on a long lost past time: a dope house party. Definitely, check out the Matt Hobbs- directed video on YouTube.

All in all, this is an honest effort from an honest MC. And I can’t knock a good hustle when I see one.

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