Stank Signs With Vista Music Group/Universal Republic Records

Stank Signs With Vista Music Group/Universal Republic Records

Releases singles “Weight Up” & East Stank”

Dec.11th, 2007 – Stank, East St. Louis hip hop representative, has signed a record deal with Vista Music Group/Universal Republic Records. Stank has been bubbling in the East St. Louis hip hop scene for years and is set to release new material “Weight Up” & “East Stank” from his upcoming album, Welcome to East Stank Louis. “I’m bringing back that feeling, that music is something bigger than some chains and some cars,” said Stank. “I speak about that too, but a lot of my music is bigger than that. It’s life lessons learned.” Stank signed with Wendy Goldstein’s record label and management company, Vista Music Group and Omerta, respectively. Wendy Goldstein has had an illustrious A&R career signing The Roots, Common, Mos Def, Chingy & Faith.

Just in time for the holidays Stank is releasing a doubled sided single, “Weight Up” and “East Stank”. “Weight Up” has a decidedly catchy, club- ready beat courtesy of up-and-coming beatsmiths The Breakfast Club, but Stank’s raps are meant to instill confidence, to urge listeners to improve their own reality. “This goes to anybody, no matter what your grind and your hustle is,” he explains. “It could be school. Your hustle could be anything, not just the streets. It’s all about getting your weight up and taking yourself to that next level. It’s all about succeeding and elevating in life. Where you’re at now in life is cool, but sooner or later you’re going to have to get your weight up.” Stank plans to get his city’s weight up with the charged, celebratory “East Stank,” a super-charged anthem for his hometown

With his explosive debut album, Welcome To East Stank Louis, Stank plans to emerge as rap’s next therapeutic storyteller as he puts his city on the map. The album title turns both tricks. “It was catchy to me because my name is Stank and the Stank Louis part just goes so well with it,” Stank reveals. “I’m a big factor in my hood and everything I stand for and speak about is East St. Louis. I’m bringing East Stank and East St. Louis to the world.”

Stank wants his music to matter to his listeners, be something they spend time with. He’s not into making disposable party music. “I’ve got a lot of that up-tempo, club music, but what I’m trying to bring back is that stuff that you pop in your deck and that you ride to,” he says. “You want to hear somebody talking about something. You don’t just want to hear Versace this and diamond chain that. You actually want to feel where a person is coming from, that’s relevant to people’s lives.”

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