Spencer 4 Hire

So the joint is called “Head 2 Head 2005”?

Spencer 4 Hire: Yea.

Ok, and you produced the track?

Spencer 4 Hire: Yup.

So real quick, tell people about yourself.

Spencer 4 Hire: Well basically I go by the name of Spencer 4 Hire, cats may
not know, I was the one who produced the “Tribe by Twelve” a couple of years
back and I also did a joint for Sauce Moneynbsp; that was on the Belly Soundtrack
titled “Pre Game” and it featured Jay-Z on that. So I took a hiatus to try
and find some artists and I happened to find these two cats and they happened
to be from Jersey and we linked up this summer and we’ve just been working ever
since. There’s an album that’s coming out in the fall and it would be Stress,
Docs, a kid by the name of Supremo and a girl by the name of Fallon and those
are the four people that’s going to be featured on this East. Flatbush Project

Ok and the track “Head 2 Head 2005” is the track featuring
Stress and Docs right?

Spencer 4 Hire: Yea, yea and all the production is going to be done by me.

Ok so the album is going to be called East Flatbush Project?

Spencer 4 Hire: It’s the East Flatbush Project, the name of the album
is going to be titled First Born.

Ok, so the East Flatbush Project is like a group.

Spencer 4 Hire: It’s more or less like a concept. I like to say it’s
using the formula of Saturday Night Live.


Spencer 4 Hire: You know how each season you may have different comedians,that’s
the same thing I’m applying to the East Flatbush Project.

Oh, that’s pretty fresh.

Spencer 4 Hire: Yea, so the name will keep going so you know that the East
Flatbush Project is synonymous with good music.

Yo that is definitely pretty fresh, I don’t believe anyone’s
done that before.

Spencer 4 Hire: Nah everybody they do compilations but it’s a good
way to keep the name out and whatever happens you know people could branch
off and do they thing but the East Flatbush Project is always a home base.
People will be checking the East Flatbush Project for the talent.

Allright, allright, no doubt, no doubt. Allright, we just wanted to get
some things straight on the track you know we are going to get it out and
let heads hear it.

Spencer 4 Hire: Ok man, thanks for the support man.

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