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All Beats By Soul Clap (Germany)

SoulClap is a Hip-Hop producer and DJ who loves digging records and sounds! The producers own a studio based in Bremen (Germany) where he produces classic records for legendary groups like Smif N Wessun (of Duck Down Records), and artists like Freeway, Epsilon Project, Doap Nixon (Jedi Mind Tricks), Those Chosen, Dominique Larue and up coming emcees like Chosen Few, King Myers, Marlon D, Dox Boogie and Kwoda, just to name a few that play host to his production credits.

The german producer has now decided to give something back to all the bloggers, emcees and music listeners worldwide, where you can now download some of the beatmakers bangers/creations for “FREE” to do with what you will on this exclusive beat-tape! DON’T SNOOZE…

01.) If Lovin You Is Wrong (Instrumental)

02.) Crazy About You (Instrumental)

03.) Lovely (Instrumental)

04.) No Words (Instrumental)

05.) Sahara (Instrumental)

06.) To My Soul (Instrumental)

07.) You (Instrumental)

08.) Crime Rate (Instrumental)

09.) See Your Smile (Instrumental)

10.) Could It Be (Instrumental)

11.) Wish You The Best (Instrumental)

12.) Jazz Thang (Instrumental)

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