Slinkachu’s Inner City Snail – A Slow-Moving Street Art Project

Slinkachu - Inner City Snail

UK artist Slinkachu’s project entitled “Inner City Snail – A Slow-Moving Street Art Project” consists of turning wild snails into, unwittingly and very, slow travelling graffiti pieces.

Slinkachu - Inner City Snail

Interesting art project, although I can’t say thay I condone painting snails who probably don’t want their shells tagged but according to the site; “No snails were harmed. They just had their homes vandalised.” Even still I think I’ll have to defer to the obviously self painted feeling in the retaliatory statement made by this lil guy.

Slinkachu - Inner City Snail

Please do use this as an excuse to go terrorize local Gastropods.

Check out Slinkachu and his other works at

*shout-out to PopCrunch for the heads up.

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