Slim Thug

Houston’s Slim Thug kicked it with OneTwoOneTwo and talked about what
it’s like being Already Platinum, his major label deal, national
recognition, and being about that money.

So tell me about the new album, Already Platinum that’s coming

Slim Thug: 
Already Platinum, man.  It’s major…I mean the majority of it was
produced y the Neptunes.  I got Jazze Pha producing some
shit.  Kool and Dre.  .  Mr. Lee.  You know, couple
cats like that.  It’s got some fire on it.  It aint the
bootleg version mother fuckers hearing – it’s totally different, you
know what I’m saying.

got features of TI, Bun B, Scarface, Ludacris, you know what I’m
saying.  Snoop Dogg and uh who else, Devin the Dude on that shit.

OK.  OK.  Yeah, being from Texas.

Slim Thug:  Yeah

in Florida, I know you been doing your thing for a minute.  I mean
everyone knows your name down there.  So what can fans expect on
Already Platinum when they’re used to hearing you on mixed tapes and on
your independent stuff?

Slim Thug: You can hear me do a
song, you know what I’m saying.  When I’m on a mixed tape I’m just
talking shit, you know.  Basically just talking shit.  Don’t
get it fucked up.  I’m talking shit on the album but you get to
hear me doing songs and telling my story.

know, when you hear the record, you’ll know me.  On this album
right here, I wasn’t on no, you know, on no, trying to tell no sad
stories or no shit like that about how hard life was.  I’m just on
here basically introducing myself to the game.  Letting you know
who the fuck I am, where I’m coming from and how I do it, you know what
I’m saying and doing some party shit – just some kicking it shit
too.  So that’s what this Already Platinum shit is about.

OK, and rolling with the Neptunes.  That can’t hurt.

Slim Thug:  Naw. 

Aiight Aiight.  So the Neptunes.  So, how did that thing come about?

Slim Thug:  I got with them when I was out here in Houston.  My man Sean Pepper had
hooked it up. We was at a restaurant and shit and I met Pharrell. 
When he was signing autographs, people were asking for my autograph too
and he was like “Who the fuck is that?”, you know. 

kinda like let him know, you know what I’m saying who I was. 
Introduced myself to him.  I did a record with Fam Lay and he
liked how the shit came out.  And I seen him in a lot of different
places, like Puerto Rico and different spots and you know, just
hollered at him – that type of shit.

OK.  Now
I read in your bio, it was saying that Houston is divided between the
North and the South as far as rappers go, but you were able to like,
you could like, work with any side and it was no issue.  What
exactly is the division between the North and the South?

Slim Thug:  It was just like, back in the day, like, in the early 90’s, maybe like ’95, niggas from the North _____________  niggas was jacking and you know, all grimey thug type shit. 


Slim Thug: 
And niggas from the South were more the flare with the clean cars and
shit like that.  They used to think niggas from the South don’t
feel their shit so the niggas would be saying that on mixed tapes on
screw tapes, or whatever.  Like, “Fuck ****”  (5:02) and shit
like that.  It was just like that.  Niggas from the North
aint fuck with the Southside.  Southside niggas aint fuck with the

It was just, Northside niggas did
the braids.  Southside niggas did the braids.  Northside
niggas roll blue.  Southside niggas ride red.  It was like
some crip and blood type shit kinda and me and me and ESG got together long
time ago and did a record called”Braids and Fades”, kinda like letting
niggas know, fuck all that other shit.  They can get money, know
what I’m saying.  That just like really helped the
situation.  It showed that everybody from the South aint no
fucking…no car thieves and shit like that and niggas is playas and
niggas is about their money.

And after that,
you know.  I did that song right there I seen a big change in the
city.  I’m proud of that, you know what I’m saying. 


Slim Thug:  That’s what it’s like

True that.  Now saying that you’re about your money is a little bit of an understatement, I think.

Slim Thug:  (laughs)

got a lot of stuff going on.  That entrepreneurial spirit. 
That hustler spirit in you – from properties, to business to your
label.  Now that you’re gonna be on a national stage and get that
national exposure, how do you plan to take advantage of that and what
do you think you’re gonna do from there?

Slim Thug: 
It’s like, man.  I’m just taking it one day at a time.  I’m a
hustler before anything, I feel.  And you know, that’s what got me
rapping.   I’m a hundred percent focused right now –
rapping.  Because rapping is my biggest hustle right now.  It
can bring the most money to the table. 


Slim Thug:  I was focused on that, but at the same time, trying to juggle my other shit.  You know, like ****Stip Club
and the real estate shit.  You know just trying to keep.  You
know.  I got family helping ’em out with a lot of that shit too,
you know what I’m saying.  So, I just try to like, you know, keep
everything going. 

No doubt.  But now,
with the major label and the national exposure you’re gonna have a lot
more things at your fingertips to get into.  I mean

Slim Thug:  Yeah

I think it’s gonna be growing big.

Slim Thug: 
Yeah.  Yeah.  For sure.  That’s another reason why I’m
with a major label.  I took all that into consideration. 
Like, damn, if I’m signed, I mean, if I have a big impact on the whole
world, I can have more products to grind from, you know what I’m
saying, there to push.  Maybe do clothes, shit like everybody else
do.  All that type of shit, you know what I’m saying. 

plan on being more creative than just doing some fucking clothes, you
know what I’m saying.  I wanna do something different.  I
stay thinking about other ways to get paid in the game and shit like

OK.  Definitely.  As far
as right now in hip-hop, the South is definitely getting a lot of
exposure.  How do you feel about how it’s finally come
about?  And you know, you got a couple of cats that’s not from
there, trying to copycat the sound just so they can like ride the
bandwagon, so to speak. 

Slim Thug: 
Yeah man.  It’s funny man.  It’s hot though.  I’m happy
that The South’s finally getting that love it deserves, man.  It’s
always been East and West, East and West, like there wasn’t shit
between it, you know what I’m saying.  So, like it’s good to
finally get our chance to shine and whatever.  We have Atlanta
doing what they doing.  I feel like they pretty much holding shit
down right now, you know what I’m saying with music.  They got so
many mother fucking people out and then for Houston to be another part
of the South and for us to get a look or whatever, ‘cause we like
totally different from Atlanta.  We like not on the crunk stuff
really, too much, we on some more laid back type o’ shit.

Right right.

Slim Thug: 
I’m just happy to show this part of Texas, you know what I’m
saying.  Show this part of the South, I mean.  You know what
I’m saying, and finally get that worldwide look like the “Still
Tippin’” shit.  It’s getting played everywhere, you know what I
mean.  That’s good, ’cause it’s a Houston record.

OK.  What are the joints on the new album that cats need to check for?

Slim Thug:   
The new joints.  We gonna shoot a video for “The Incredible
Feelin’” shit, you know what I’m saying. We made a decision on
that.  I got another song I did with Pharrell. He rapping on that
shit, “Already Platinum”, you know what I’m saying.  That’s a bad
mother fucker.  When people hear it, they’re gonna love it. 
It’s a whole new record, you know what I’m saying.  It’s a whole
new record from what mother fuckers heard.  When it come out, man,
I think they gonna be satisfied with it. 

OK.  Anything you want people to know?

Slim Thug: 
Just the album coming out man.  April or May.  Pick the shit
up.  It’s gonna have a DVD with it, telling the whole story. 
Showing it.  You’ll be able to see how I was living before the
deal, you know what I’m saying.  You’ll see everything with your
own eyes instead of just me telling you, you know.  I’d rather
people just get the visual.  It’s real fly man. 

Aiight  no doubt. 

Transcribed by Ayana Clarke

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