Sharam featuring Kid Cudi She Came Along Video

Revered electronic music trendsetter SHARAM makes his boldest studio statement yet. Counting superstar collaborations with everyone from Diddy and Tommy Lee to Daniel Bedingfield, SHARAM’s ability to draw such a vast talent pool is as impressive as his longstanding reputation for mesmerizing club crowds from Miami to Ibiza.

The disc’s landmark track “She Came Along” meshes elements of Patsy Cline’s legendary country song “Strange” with vocals by hip-hop sensation Kid Cudi. The end result is one of the most uniquely infectious songs of 2009.

“I’ve always been a huge, huge Patsy Cline fan,” the Washington D.C. based SHARAM says of the single. “She’s one of a kind. I had the idea to sample her for three years but I was looking to find someone who could match her. I had the track and I was searching for the right person to fit it. After trying different artists, Cudi just nailed it, putting a really cool and interesting twist on it. He’s a very unusual artist, because he’s very much a hip-hop fixture, but he has a beautiful voice. It’s a great contrast with Patsy Cline. It wouldn’t have worked if someone was just rapping, but his singing style was perfect.”


After taking a break from being one half of Grammy Award nominated and Grammy Award winning Deep Dish, the most successful US dance duo in history, DJ Sharam has continued to delight and confound critics in equal measure – and he wouldn’t have it any other way.

One of only a handful of producers of his kind that can move effortlessly between the nocturnal world of underground dance floors with acid house gems like ‘Get Wild’ (Essential Miami WMC Tune of 2008), his techno infused summer anthem ‘Texi’ (hailed as one of the top ibiza records of 2008) and it’s darker sibling stormer ‘Crazi’ (hammered by the who’s who of the techno scene as the sleeper record of the fall of 2008), all the way to the crossover radio hits with releases such as ‘PATT’ and ‘The One’ (Both of which hit top 20 in many international markets). Always unpredictable, Sharam will never conform to anything other than his own high standards, so one cannot help but wonder what he is going to come up with next.

Sticking to his mantra that there should be no divisions within dance music, Sharam’s new album “Get Wild” (Ultra Records, out now) features new material from different landscapes in (dance) music, including collaborations with Daniel Bedingfield, Kid Cudi, P. Diddy, Nic Fanciulli, Tommy Lee, Anousheh Khalili, and Morel.

“I don’t play the trendy genre game. Music should be made, listened to and played based on a feeling and the quality of the piece and not how it’s categorized”

His long player is a testament to his philosophy. From tech-house, techno, electro, through to psychedelia, acid house, and rock/dance hybrids – “Get Wild” has it all, and in spades. His new single is a collaboration with wonderkid Kid Cudi featuring the musically immortal Patsy Cline, which defies all categorization. One only needs one listen to be transformed to another era.

His much-talked about DJ sets continue to rock the world’s finest clubs, where you’ll find Sharam slaying dancefloors such as Warung, Ministry Of Sound, Amnesia Ibiza, Space Miami and many more.

With his music and skills in the studio and behind the decks, Sharam has earned an enduring underground respect that many never maintain; while dabbling with success in the charts; many are lucky to accomplish one of these rare feats, Sharam continues to nail both.

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