Sadat X Returns With Urgency on Black October

Sadat X Returns With Urgency on
“Black October”

Taking His Prison Sentence To Heart,
Sadat Faces His Demons With Introspect and Contemplation

30, 2006 – Harlem, USA – Sadat X is on fire. After a whirlwind year that included
the release of his critically acclaimed 3rd album Experience
& Education,
the passing of his father, the bankruptcy of his record distributor, and highly
storied arrest and subsequent incarceration set for this October, Sadat X is
gearing up to release what many are claiming to be his best effort yet, Black
The Great Dot X has stood strong in the face of adversity to deliver yet
another soul-spilling, undeniably classic hip-hop masterpiece.

by the likes of Brand Nubian, Greg Nice (Nice & Smooth), & Money Boss
Players atop a bed of unforgettable production by Diamond D, Da Beatminerz, DJ Spinna, J-Zone, Ayatollah, dj paWL (Def
Jux) and
a host of impressive new-comers (Spencer Doran, Scotty Blanco, The Asmatik,
Gensu Dean) the album is sure to turn heads. The opening and title track
“Black October” (produced by longtime collaborator, DJ Spinna) finds
Sadat over a raucous guitar stab-track running down the swirl of emotions he’s
battled over the course of this past year. Far from glamorizing this, Sadat
takes a contemplative, regretful tone. One more, to hopefully teach the young
people of today lead astray, that crime is really real and jail is nothing to
glamorize. While he touches on the topic throughout, Sadat breaks free of his
frustrations to ruminate on the positive on tracks like the lead single
“Million Dolla Deal”, the funky BBQ-anthem “Throw Tha
Ball”, a Def Jux style club-smasher in the dj paWL produced “Who”,
“My Mind” (featuring Greg Nice) and the Brand Nubian group effort
“Chosen Few”.

on Female Fun Records/Riverside Drive Records (an ode to Sadat’s turf in the
Riverside section of West Harlem), the album is another notch in the label’s
roster of material that has included full-lengths from the likes of MF Doom, Prince Paul, DJ Spinna, Ge-ology and others. Label owner
Peter Agoston says of Black October, “This is the most important album we’ve
ever released.” Black October is to be released on October 17th, 2006.

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