Rockwell Knuckles – Silly Human Video

Rockwell Knuckles recently released You’re Fucking Out, I’m Fucking In, with a string of diverse singles to follow, each putting on display the St. Louis emcee’s ability to not only craft deft verses, but also infectiously catchy hooks and unique concepts. Now, with his latest single, “Silly Human,” Rockwell is bringing an added twist for fans, with a sci-fi inspired video.

The video begins, hauntingly, with a man and woman video taping St. Louis’ muddy-water beaches when an attack occurs before the video transitions into a variety of juxtaposed frames around Rockwell, as he touches on everything from robots to immortality. The chorus, brings things together, as Rockwell exclaims, in his patented half-sung flow, “Do you really want to live forever/ Be remembered as immortal, ’cause you kept it all together… Want to live forever, silly human?/ I can show you.”

In the coming days and weeks, Rockwell will be joining XV and Casey Veggies, playing a handful of dates together, starting June 30th in Chicago and wrapping up July 4th in Rockwell’s hometown of St. Louis.

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