Rockwell Knuckles – Baking Soda

St. Louis MC Celebrates Success With Second Single


DOWNLOAD: Rockwell Knuckles – Baking Soda

Blowing up faster than a kid’s science fair volcano, Rockwell Knuckles is excited to release his latest single, “Baking Soda,” into the atmosphere. The buzz surrounding the St. Louis MC has been steadily building since the critically-acclaimed release of his 2010 debut album, Choose Your Own Adventure, and continues to rise in anticipation of his two new projects, first You’re Fucking Out, I’m Fucking In followed by Take Me To Your Leader.

Although being successful is typically determined by dollar signs and multiple zeros, “Baking Soda” is a reflection on personal triumphs. “I’m coming from a place where success is sometimes determined by money,” says Rockwell. “The type of success I’m talking about is being true to yourself.” Especially in a time when there are more people talking the talk instead of walking the walk, Mr. Knuckles’ makes it known that “This is what it feel like/ When you rap about it and you do that shit in real life,” right off the bat. The MPC heavy production by Trifeckta amplifies that victorious feeling that Rockwell raps about and fuels his fire. “I’m just being confident about my future endeavors,” says Rockwell. “Nothing says success like a celebratory mission statement.”

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