Roach Gigz – The Dopest 2

Rising Bay Area Star Releases Sequel To “The Dopest,” Prepares Roachy Balboa 2


DOWNLOAD: Roach Gigz – The Dopest 2

On Roach Gigz‘ first and well received mixtape Roachy Balboa released earlier this year, Roach told the world that he was “The Dopest.” Having successfully proved this to be true, he’s decided to leak “The Dopest 2” from his upcoming mixtape Roachy Balboa 2 to remind us of this feat. While “The Dopest” is a direct and straightforward manifesto of Roach’s place in the Bay Area (and world) rap scene, “The Dopest 2” is his anthem. Slightly slower than the original and filled out with epic trance synth lines, Roach describes rather than tells us why he is, in fact, dope. His rapping style edges closer to singing, both vocally and through longer and more sophisticated phrases, echoing his growth and development as a rapper force to be reckoned with. Looking to connect and give to fans as well as share the gift of dope music, Roach is leaking tracks from Roachy Balboa 2 on a regular basis until the mixtape is released, and upon release will be offering the mp3s for free download, while also offering a for-sale deluxe package with Roachy Balboa and Roachy Balboa 2 in a dual-CD set. Roach Gigz’ Roachy Balboa 2 will be released January 4, 2011.

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