Roach Gigz – Pop Off Video

Roach Gigz Delivers Visually and Audibly Stimulating Work In The Wake Of Murder

Amidst the darkness and sorrow that surrounds the murder of Oscar Grant, Roach Gigz presents a profound music video that captures the air of indignation that permeates the Bay Area and cities and towns across America. The video was shot in Oakland, California on the days leading up to, and the day of the verdict. Fortified store windows, mobbed city streets, and armies of riot police are a few of the images seen through the lens of Oakland filmmaker and frequent Gigz collaborator, Aris Jerome. More than a music video, this cinematic work serves as an optic chronicle of the events that transpired in the wake of Oscar Grant’s murder. “Nothing was really enjoyable because of how serious the situation was,” explains Gigz on creating the video. “We were just trying to do it for Oscar Grant, the whole thing is dedicated to him and his memory.”

The subject matter of the song, “Pop Off” does not directly correlate to the Oscar Grant situation; however, the ominous quality of the beat coupled with the raw emotion in Gigz’ voice makes this the ultimate soundtrack for this unjust situation. “I was just out here watching and living this; ‘Pop Off’ really captured that feeling of the young people who are tired of police consistently fucking with them, abusing their power and getting away with it.”

“Pop Off” can be found on Roach’s upcoming project Roachy Balboa: Extra Rounds, a re-release of his most recent work Roachy Balboa, with five new tracks, each of which will be accompanied by a music video.

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