reMo’ Conscious – Thought Criminal – Journal of a Serial Thinker

Atist: reMo’ Conscious
Title: Thought Criminal – Journal of a Serial Thinker
Label: Soul Cipher Records

Thought Criminal – Journal of a Serial Thinker EP release from an up and coming reMo’ Conscious. You may have heard one of his tracks targeting the Bush administration entitled “Down to the Wire” and “Let Me Live”. reMo’ hails from Oakland California, and delivers this EP through his self started record label , Soul Cipher Records.

The first track on this EP is entitled “The Real Bogeyman”. reMo’ rhymes about his opinion of who the real bogeyman is, and if you listen, you’ll know exactly who he’s talking about. The beat is funky , it has somewhat of an old school feel to it, but it flows nicely with the lyrics as well as the chorus. “he might beat ya, rob ya, or shoot ya down, the bogeyman is in your town.”

The next track is “Lies”, and it just happens to be my personal favorite on this EP . reMo’ starts out rhyming about what we are brainwashed as children to believe , which as we grow older we find out to be major misconceptions. For example, things which we learn in the classroom, as well as at home, from the tooth fairy to the pledge of allegiance. One of the lines in this track struck me on a person level. ” Don’t question son, you’ll burn in hell”, referring to the artist questioning what he was taught and he was shot down by his elders. As I was growing up , I was fed information without full comprehension, one of the main things being to never question what we were being told. As an adult , I look back in dismay at my educators for leaving me basically unprepared for reality. I definitely feel where reMo’ s head is at in this track. He goes on to talk about how corporate America has us believing lies from the real story about Christopher Columbus to the conspiracy behind 9/11. Its a crazy track, rates amazing in my book.

“I’ve Been Waiting ” comes up next, with an aura of love and romance. With the feel good flutes, and a melodic beat to lay back and contemplate. reMo’ talks of his feelings for a particular lady, who sounds very special to him in my opinion. The chorus is what I like most about this track, its actually difficult to explain in words, you really just gotta listen to it. reMo’ rhymes about how lucky he feels to have met this lovely individual , and how long he has been waiting to find that feeling.

Track number four is entitled “Time” , which features Sparlha Swa in the chorus, who does an excellent job I must say. This track had reMo rhyming about life, his fears and struggles as a father and a man. reMo’ speaks of broken homes and the hopes to live to tell the tale of how he claimed triumph over tragedy. The chorus sets the mode for this track, “Time is in your hands, don’t let it slip away, you control tomorrow, don’t leave it to fate”, words to live by in my book.

“The Future is Doomed” is the title of track number five on the Thought Criminal EP . This track has reMo rhyming about his particular feeling on what the future will bring. I think the title pretty much gives this away. Its definitely a depressing song in a realistic light, because reMo’ speaks the truth. The end of the track is a perfect fit , with the sound of children playing in the background, kinda makes you think….

The last track, “justified Homicide” has a different beat to it, with drums and quite possibly a base guitar. Its unique in its sound for sure. This track dares to ask the question, when is homicide justified? It has an angry tone, and lyrics to match, which I found to be a bit much, but if u like that stuff I guess you’ll like this track.

Overall, this EP was worth the listen. I give alit of respect to reMo’ as an artist, in more ways than one. First, because he’s a single parent, the hardest job in the world by far. Second, because he speaks the truth with quality, meaningful lyrics. And lastly because he’s so independent in terms of his career. He wrote and produced basically all the tracks , and is on a record label he created. Best of luck to this cat, and be sure to give him a listen.

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