Redman, Mobb Deep, The Lost Boyz in STATISTIC on DVD April 4th

Featuring Redman, Mobb Deep and The Lost Boyz
CodeBlack Entertainment


Footie (
Lawrence Page
) grew up on the mean
streets of
Long Island, NY
without any direction and
quickly becomes a statistic in the prison system. A ghetto hustler, Footie has
been exposed to the elements of street life. But all that changes when he falls in love with
Felicia (Tamiko Cameron) and decides he wants to go straight. Together they strive to make
something productive out of their lives but soon discover that regular
9-to-5 jobs are not for them.
Tempted by the promise of easy money, Footie (
Lawrence Page
) falls back into his
troubled past.

Genre: Urban
Running Time: 90 minutes

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