Rah Digga – Straight Spittin’ IV

Digga’s Latest Single Continues “Straight Spittin'” Series


DOWNLOAD: Rah Digga – Straight Spittin’ IV

“After last week’s release of “This Ain’t No Lil Kid Rap (Remix)” featuring Redman, Rah Digga continues to preview her much-anticipated sophomore LP, Classic, with “Straight Spittin’ IV.” Producer Nottz worked this and every song on the album and the collaborative power the two artists share is on full display here.

Those familiar with Rah Digga’s past work may recognize “Straight Spittin’ IV” as the latest in a running series of “Straight Spitttin'” tracks, the second of which appeared on her debut, Dirty Harriet. This installment features Digga in peak form, rapping energetically over a propulsive, guitar-based instrumental. You can hear the conviction in her voice and, when she delivers lines like “I’m spittin’ till I’m thirsty, but I don’t need a chaser / I’ll probably be spittin’ ’till the day I meet my maker,” and “Straight spittin’ on it, you could call this Illimatic / Think I’m lying when I say I got a basement for an attic / I’m spittin’ for that cabbage, that scrilla, or that fetti / That hold up press rewind spittin’, I don’t think they’re ready,” you know she’s telling the truth.

Rah Digga’s sophomore album, Classic, will be available September 14th via Raw Koncept Media Group.”

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