“I Love College” by Asher Roth official Parody “I Love Collards”

“I Love College” by Asher Roth official Parody “I Love Collards”
I’m stuffed right now
I, I feel full
If you love Sweet Tea
Would you please put it in the Air

That dinner last night was mighty tasty
My momma made it.
I ate my face off and took leftovers
down to my basement
Hot fried chicken, macaroni and cheese
But Collard greens is all I need
Pour more sweet tea in my cup again
I’m bout to eat with Family & friends and I LOVE COLLARDS!
*** I Love Eatin. I Love Chicken. I Love Collards

1st verse
NANA made some collards for dinner last night
Real tasty grub, had a brotha right.
Quenched my thirst with Sweet tea on ice
Hot Buttered cornbread I’m a grab me a slice.
Unloosened my buckle. I’m getting stuffed up
Sexy Mash potatoes. Thas was up!
Pour some gravy on, I get my lazy on
Munch on sticky buns, till I got da buns
We eat Large amounts in NANA’s house
Skinny people hate it until they taste it
Ill never waste it. SoulFood’s the greatest.
Woke up hungry and all I could say is


2nd verse
It’s 4 am I’m on the toilet stool but
I’ve been here since a quarter to two and
Um of course I had to #2
I’m bout to pass out and get my snooze on
Nod out on the couch wit my shoes on
I got the itis so I’m lyin on a futon
If you feel a shart comin get ya toot on
Take ya nasty ass out and get ya poop on
Keep it real yall. Aint nothing wrong with eating grub
Even if we did eat a little bit too much
Soulfood’s the greatest, I can still taste it
Woke up hungry and all I can say is


A( spoken climax)
Now if you Love Sweet Tea. Hold You glass as High as you can.
As High as You Can and Repeat after Me.
(Crowd chant)
Grub, Grub, Grub, Grub, Grub, Grub, Grub, Grub,
Chicken, Chicken, Chicken, Chicken
Hot Grits & Gravy, Hot Grits & Gravy, Hot Grits and Gravy, Hot Grits & Gravy
Glazed Ham, Glazed Ham, Glazed Ham, Glazed Ham

That Dinner last night.
(Spoken) Man I love Collard’s. I love em
That Dinner Last Night!
Alright everybody I’m bout to bust my ass in a lil bit


Do I really have to or can I just gonna burp if I drink Sprite?


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