“Dow Jones” starring Common

“Dow Jones” starring Common
Common as Dow Jones
Brett Gelman as ‘The Man’
Allan McLeod as the Rookie Cop
Joel Spence as the Police Chief
Bankers: Andy Smith, Robert Sisko, Joel Weiss, and Scott Taylor
Dow Jones Girlfriend: Jack Davey
Dow Jones Girls: Amanda Maclachlan, Kristen Ortiz, Janie Terrazas
Homeless Guy: Colton Dunn
Directed by Eric Appel
Writer by Eric Appel & Ryan Perez
Produced by Mike Farah
Co-Produced by Valerie Vogt
Original Music by Andy Paley
DP:Christian Sprenger
First AC: Alexander Falk
Gaffer: Brad Schulz
First AD: Alana Brown
Production Design by Katie Byron & Rachel Ferrara
Wardrobe by Leslie Schilling & Diane Herlofsky
Sound by Bo Sundberg
Make-up by Kat Bardot
Hair by Daytona Love
Effects by Dustin Bowser
PA’s: Sean Boyle, Christin Trogan
Camera provided by Wavelength650.com
Special Thanks to Derek Dudley, Rhea Williams, Cristen Mills
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