Q-Tip Schools Iggy Azalea on Hip Hop

QTip - IggyAzalea

QTip - IggyAzalea

I’d imagine Iggy Azalea’s dreams of Hip Hop stardom were no different than anyone else looking to be a star. The thing that is a little bit different with Hip Hop versus other music genres is the culture. Culture is a big part of Hip Hop, whether it’s displayed in the mainstream or not. That culture has roots that run deep and throughout the gamut of modern black American experience. It is those critical connections that many don’t understand and the industry/business exploitation of Hip Hop tends to ignore. I wouldn’t expect Azalea to completely understand this nor know what she was walking into when she came into the world of Hip Hop. Well, Q-Tip just enlightened her.

Q-Tip’s teaching moment was the way it needed to be, more educating and less reprimanding. This is an elder, teaching. Tip took it to the beginning and explained the socio-political connections to being black in America and the correlation of  the civil rights movement to that of Hip Hop.  Whether or not the Australian artist actually listens has yet to be seen.

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