Putin’s Uncomfortable PR Appearance At Hip Hop Event

Putin is obviously not interested in the least bit. He looks very uncomfortable. He’s not even faking that this is an obvious PR stunt to improve his ratings. Reuters reports that Putin was hailed with respect for his appearance, although through my Hip Hop eyes, I would argue that using Hip Hop culture as a political photo op shows that the respect isn’t mutual.

Reuters reports:

“It would have been cool to record a joint track with Vladimir Putin because he is a legendary man and our idol,” sang rapper Zhigan who won the contest. “Let’s make so much noise in his honor that the whole world can hear.”

A presenter told the audience of about 100 young rappers in a makeshift television studio in an abandoned Moscow factory building that he wanted “smiles to stay on your faces throughout the evening.”

Despite hip-hop’s violent image, Putin had a stern message for the rappers about healthy living.

“I do not think that ‘top-rock’ or ‘down-rock’ breakdance technique is compatible with alcohol or drugs,” Putin told cheering hip-hoppers who responded with chants of “Respect, Vladimir Vladimirovich.”

Full Article – Putin wins respect at hip-hop party

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