Prince Paul’s Ill Out Celebrates Hip Hop On Air and On Stage

Prince Paul and the “Ill Out Show” celebrate the culture, on air and on stage

October 11, 2006
At this year’s VH1 Hip-Hop Honors Hip-Hop Legend
Luvbug Starski was on the red carpet
setting the record straight. “It was Lovebug. Not DJ Hollywood. And you can ask him. He knows what I did. I know
what I did. I created the word ‘hip-hop.’” Listeners to Prince Paul’s “Ill Out Show” have heard that and many other jabs from the Luvbug already. On episode 4, Starski went on the offensive against DJ Hollywood, but also Crazy Legs, Grandmaster
Theodore, Puffy, and Grandmaster Flash. Luvbug’s
historical corrections include: Theodore didn’t invent
the scratch, Flash never had a pair of Technics and
Crazy Legs lied his way to the top.

As VH1 also honors MC Lyte this year, the Ill Out Show echoed the sentiment in Episode 6 as the
show’s guest Lin Que (aka Isis) of X Clan spoke on
the ladies’ long contribution to the ulture.

As Paul and The Ill Out Crew wrap up the first year of the radio show and get ready to take the show live on stage, October 31st at BB King’s, the guys are happy to be doing their part to document the
culture. Lately there are fewer and fewer outlets where artists like DJ Roc Raida of the X-Cutioners, RA The Rugged Man, and Masta Ace can tell their stories. And the Ill Out Show is one of them. Since earlier this year, Paul and XM’s old school Hip-Hop channel, The Rhyme 65 have been working to make sure we never forget about the contributions of some of Hip-Hop’s greatest talents.

And this is the legacy of Prince Paul’s career. To
study his career path is a study in Hip-Hop itself.
Paul is one of the few artists whose audience is as
young as a teenager and as old as grandfather
(albeit a young one). Paul started with the first Hip-
Hop band, Stetsasonic in the late 80’s. After the
success of hi singles like “Sally” and “Talking All That
Jazz” he went on to discover 3 crazy kids from Long
Island. That trio was De La Soul and their classic
albums, 3 Feet High and Rising, De La Soul
Is Dead,
and Buhloone Mind State solidified Paul’s place
as one
of Hip-Hop’s most prolific producers. During that
period Paul produced tracks for Slick Rick, Third Bass
and many others.

In the mid 90’s Paul formed the Gravediggaz with the
RZA who had just come off the explosive success of
the Wu Tang Clan’s first album. After two
Gravediggaz albums Paul began his solo career with
the release of Psychoanalysis. This was the
first of
many concept albums which included Prince Among
Thieves. These records are credited with being the
prototype for other concept albums like Gnarls
Barkley’s St. Elsewhere and Danger Doom’s
Mouse and The Mask.

Paul’s work with comedian and actor Chris Rock
earned him two Grammy’s for each of Chris’s comedy
albums, Bigger and Blacker and Never
Scared. Paul
brings his comedic sense as well as Hip-Hop pedigree
to the Ill Out Show. Along with outrageous
personalities Mr. Dead, Busta Bus, Nyce, Bimos and
Newkirk the Ill Out Show has been called “The Hip-
Hop Howard Stern Show” or “The Wendy Williams
Experience for dudes.” Whether you’re a Stern fan,
a Wendy fan, a De La fan, or a Handsome Boy fan
the October 31st show is not to be missed.

The 5th Annual Room Service and Brooklyn Bodega
CMJ Showcase is taking place on October 31st at BB
King’s in Times Square, New York City. This year’s
showcase features Grammy winning producer and DJ
Prince Paul and the Ill Out Crew from XM Satellite
Radio’s “Prince Paul and The Ill Out Show” as
on The Rhyme 65. Paul will be joined by a range
guests spanning his long career including Breezly
Brewin, Mr. Len, Dres from Black
Sheep, Freddie
Foxxx, members of Stestasonic, and
more. The CMJ Showcase is sponsored by

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