Police Beat Attendees Of Smif-N-Wessun Album Release Party

Police attack, beat and bully party goers last night at a Smif-N-Wessun and Peat Rock show and album release party in Brooklyn. The above video taken by the UK’s Jay Diamond shows the chaos in action. Several NYPD officers can clearly be seen beating people with nightsticks in the video.

According to Twitter posts by Pete Rock, his wife and daughter were not beaten as some previously thought although others were; a woman included. Apparently there was an altercation outside of the venue. For some unknown reason police shut down the peaceful concert inside the club forcing the crowd to disperse with bully tactics, mace and assualt.

Steele of Smif-N-Wessun spoke to the camera on the NYPD’s handling of incidents like this and is paraphrased as saying; “New Yorkers like myself and him we get frustrated when the police come in and instead of bringing order to the crowd they create more chaos.”

Law enforcment continue to push to criminalize video taping them in public. Incidents like these show that we must not stop filming them regardless of that outcome. A police offers in the video appears to be attempting to block the camera by repeatedly shining a flashlight at the lens. These incidents must be made public to keep the people informed and aware.


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