Playaz Circle Making the Right Moves

Playaz Circle Making the Right Moves

There have been many examples of groups of people
utilizing an illegal hustle and flipping it into a legal
hustle in order to move up the social ladder. Many
Italians found their way into the mafia before turning
into a legitimate business. In hip hop this was also
the case when NWA was able to flip Eazy E’s drug
money in order to fund the group and Ruthless
Records before hitting it big. Playaz Circle, one of
the new acts signed to Ludacris’ Disturbing Tha
Peace record label, has such a story. “When we
were first recording (the album) we were full-time
street guys and rap was secondary. It took a couple
of incidents for me and Tit to see the light”
says Dolla Boy of he and his partner Tity Boy. After
recording their first CD for the streets the duo
received such an overwhelming positive response
that “it launched us to a point where we knew this is
what he had to do. At first we didn’t take it all that
serious because at that time we were full time street
niggas trying to make it happen in the streets, and
the rap was like secondary. Now the rap moved to
the forefront,” Tity Boy responded.

“The whole thing behind the illegal business is that
you try to get legal money so you can try to do
something right. It’s a whole way of life. It’s like you
trying to help yourself. I know it’s contradictive
because I don’t support killing the community or
nothing like that” says Dolla Boy. Tity Boy
added, “Any hustle you have to start in your own
backyard. Go out and buy a building or something
like that. Whatever it takes. You have to create
some assets so your family and peoples can be taken
care of.” Playaz Circle has run into a few hurdles in
their own struggle to clean up. Tity Boy says, “The
Government and society don’t make it any better
because we get out, parole and probation officers be
on you to get a job. But when you go to those
companies they are going to put yours to the side, so
that pushes you back to the illegal business again.
It’s real hard. On another aspect, we need to start
creating some ways to show people more about
business. You gotta learn as much as you can in
order to make them right moves.”

Playaz Circle have obviously learned how to make the
right moves. Their debut album Supply and
will be released on Disturbing Tha
Peace/Universal Records early next year. And their
first single, the self titled “Playaz Circle,” features
producer Jazze Pha.

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