Philly Cheese-Steaks: Gino’s is Anti-Mumia.

In the much disputed contest between Pat’s and Gino’s Cheese-steaks, I have found one reason to not support Gino’s in any fashion. It has nothing to do with bad-tasting cheese-steaks, but rather bad taste in the social sense: they have mixed business and politics in a hateful and deragotory manner.

In expressing their sympathies for Officer Danny Faulkner, they have pasted hateful sentiments on the backs of their business t-shirts.

The t-shirts, which look like typical Gino’s business t-shirts on the front, have this slogan plastered on the back:

“Officer Danny Faulkner was murdered by Mumia Abu-Jamal who shouldn’t be in an 8 x 10 foot cell…He should be 6 feet closer to hell!”

It seems that the shirts were made in collaboration with the Danny Faulkner supporters, as an identical t-shirt back appears on their website (which Gino’s website links to).

Check it out for yourself here:

No matter where you stand on the Mumia issue, it is for certain that this is overstepping all boundaries of good professional taste. If you need some real cheese-steak in Philly, eat at Pat’s and get that greasy cheeze-whiz goodness that all em kids are talking about.

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