Pastor Troy Annouces New Album, ‘Stay True’


March 21, 2006
New York, NY – Pastor Troy is set release his brand new album, Stay True, on April 18th, under indie label 845 entertainment. Pastor Troy explained why he enjoyed making this album, “This album was very relaxing due to the creative control I had in putting it together,” he said “I really enjoyed myself.” This is evident as he boast on his first single, “Police Can’t Break it Up”.

Pastor Troy has grown up and has collected the ears of his own congregation consisting of hip-hop fans everywhere. These fans are in for a special reading as Pastor Troy cooks up a new sermon, otherwise know as Stay True, his new album on 845 Entertainment.

Upon first listen, it becomes clear that Troy is no longer preaching to the choir. Instead, he takes aim at the unconverted — the nonbelievers — and gives them a deliciously devilish dose of their own medicine.

Stay True finds Troy mixing it up with a new crop of music makers. The sound is still recognizable, however, and stays true to the renown, get-crunk- represent-the-dirty-south style that he introduced with his 1999 debut We Ready- I Declare War and 2001’s Face Off.

On Stay True Troy flirts with religion in one breath, embraces street life in the next and somehow manages to treat them with equal reverence.

Born Micah Levar Troy in College Park, GA, Troy, 24, is the son of a drill sergeant-turned-pastor who laid down strict household rules and made sure his son was introduced to the church at an early age. But like most kids on his block, the young Troy was also exposed to street life. It is that dichotomy, that contradiction of influences, that continues to be reflected in his music today: the respectful preacher’s kid who knows better but can’t resist indulging his naughty side; the gentlemanly boy next door who seems oblivious to the wiles of his street corner friends but, in actuality, is far craftier than they could ever be.

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