Paris – Buck, Buck, Pass Video

You can’t make a list of political emcee and not include west coast artist Paris. He put his knee to the neck of both Bush presidents and speaks on injustices of the system. Paris is back with a new album entitled Pistol Politics. The single “Buck, Buck, Pass”, off of that album, addresses gun violence and the impact it has on the country.

In “Buck, Buck, Pass,” Pistol Politics’ second single and video, Paris chronicles the carnage of escalating gun violence-related loss of life – but with a twist – detailing the journey of the life of a firearm from its perspective, from its manufactured inception to its illegal use on America’s streets. His commentary on gun violence, and its often ignored racial implications and after effects, provides a spotlight on what he considers to be the real enemy – the corporate and political machinery that benefits from the steady diet of death of mainly young people of color.

Not being politically correct isn’t about being an offensive person, it’s about this here, it’s about speaking truth to power not bigotry to like-minded bigots. Paris is that guy that the powers that be probably wouldn’t want you to listen to because he says the things that they’d like to avoid and asks the questions that they won’t answer. I believe if Paris, Public Enemy, and Immortal Technique did a collaboration the government would freak out and hunt us all down out of fear. I’m still down for the joint though.

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