P.SO & 2 Hungry Bros – Star Wars for Dummies IV (A New Hope)

2 Hungry Bros & P.So - Star Wars for Dummies

2 Hungry Bros & P.So - Star Wars for Dummies

Star Wars: The Force Awakens brought out a lot of fan to the theaters to see the newest chapter in a saga that started roughly 40 years ago. Not only were fans excited but man were inspired. So it seems to be the case with the 2 Hungry Bros. and P.SO the Earth Tone King.

The Bros and P.SO take it back to 1977 where it all begin with a rhyming retelling of the original Star Wars movie that changed the game. P.SO sits us on his knee and tells us the story of A New Hope. Even though Finn from the latest Star Wars is on the cover art. Spoiler alert – he wasn’t in Episode IV because he wasn’t even born yet.

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