NY rapper on the verge of becoming first to win grand prize at Apollo Theater’s Amateur Night!

Could this NY rapper become the first to win grand prize at Apollo Theater?


(New York City, May 2, 2011) – Two-time Amateur Night at the Apollo Winner, Final Outlaw, to compete for the title of Top Dog on May 11, 2011. Previously featured on MTV Europe, NY Daily News, Time Out NY Magazine, URB Magazine, among others, this rising star is one of the only rappers to make it this far in the competition’s history. In the year’s prior, Amateur Night has launched the careers of countless stars, including James Brown, Lauryn Hill, and Michael Jackson. It is also known as one of the only venues in the country where a live audience response can make or break a career. As described by the Apollo, Final Outlaw “considers himself an artist for the people.” His third performance on this legendary stage promises to exhibit the fiery wordplay and feverish delivery that is rapidly making him an audience favorite.


Discovered at the Apollo Theater’s first Brooklyn Amateur Night in February 2011, Final Outlaw, who prefers to call all 5 boroughs home, has garnered a substantial local following in the New York City underground Hip Hop scene. He began experimenting with music during his years experiencing homelessness and the shelter system with his family. Some of his eclectic artistic influences include Mozart, Johnny Cash, Cold Play, and Nas. Stiff competition, an unforgiving audience, and an impassioned lyricist already look to make this a historical night both for Hip Hop and the Apollo Theater alike.  

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