Nutso ft. Kurupt & Jon Connor & DJ Supa Dave – Yall Came 2 Witness

Nutso - Yall Came 2 Witness

Nutso - Yall Came 2 Witness

This cut is hot, from the flows of Nutso, Kurupt, and Jon Conner to the cuts from DJ Super Dave. The Tango Beats joint is a funky groove that ties it all together. We need more of this.

Fresh off earning positive reader reviews for This City of Mine, a record dedicated to the Big Apple, Nutso is back with another fresh single off his latest EP—and this one happens to be a Booth-exclusive world premiere. On Y’all Came to Witness, a grimy Tango Beats production accompanies the Queensborough phenom as he and his esteemed guests, Jon Connor and Kurupt, engage in some good, old-fashioned microphone murder. DJ Supa Dave rounds out the lineup, busting out a few old-school cuts on the record’s hook.


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