NonPhixion Arrested in Germany

(Source: Non-Phixion Message Board)
First off, we would like to apologize to all of our fans who paid money to see
us in Munich at the Backstage. Never in our professional careers as Non Phixion
have we ever dealt with a promoter and club as unprofessional as Andreas
Kalhofer/Streetbeatz Entertainment and Backstage.

After awhile the crowd started getting restless and the club asked
us what they could do to get us on stage. We explained to them that we have a
contract with Andreas in which he owes us our performance fee before we go on
stage. The club said they did not have the money and we told them we could not
perform until we got our money. Soon the crowd started rioting and causing
damage to the club. At this point, Sabac went out on stage and told the crowd
that we were there and ready to perform, however Andreas had to handle his
business first and pay us. Of course this never happened so we waited in the
dressing room for even longer hoping for a resolution. The club stepped to us
numerous times about performing, however no one was prepared to pay us. Also,
there was no security to be found anywhere in the dressing room area of this
club and random people kept coming in the dressing room taking food and drinks
that were supposed to be for the artists. As the crowd grew more violent, more
people started coming into the dressing room and began causing damage to the
club. The club called the police and after they finally cleared everybody out,
the police then proceeded to arrest Goretex and DJ Eclipse, charging them with
inciting a riot and causing damage to the club, as Ill Bill and Sabac had just
left the club. This is the furthest thing from the truth as Sabac had already
took the stage once and tried to calm the crowd down by explaining to them what
had happened. You can ask anybody that was in that crowd and they will tell you
that we never got up on stage and told them to destroy the place. However, the
club is saying we did. Goretex and Eclipse had to spend 24 hours in a German
prison and were released on $4000 bond. Not only did we lose our show money, but
we had to come out of pocket for the bond which nobody is willing to take
responsibility for. At this time no one has seen or heard from Andreas Kalhofer.

So again, we feel really bad for the fans of Munich, and Berlin as we
had to miss that show because of all this as well, as we were looking forward to
a good show with Jedi Mind Tricks.

-Dj Eclipse

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