New Music Seminar in NYC – July 21st 2009

New Music Seminar

New Music Seminar – July 21st 2009

The #1 Networking event to meet the Music business –

labels, artists, booking agents, managers, and your future partners.



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New Music Seminar – This low-cost one day event will give you the knowledge and the tools to step into tomorrow’s music business today. The day will kick off with a keynote speech, followed by four seminars filled with vital information on how to see it and how to do it, accompanied by the New Music Seminar Handbook filled with important contact information and vital new music business basics. The Schmoozatorium will have important industry exhibitors and an opportunity for you to network with the other Seminar delegates.

No matter what type of music you are into, rock, hip hop, dance or polka, whether you play, sing, rap or spin, the New Music Seminar is where you’ll turn your music career into a success.

What the New Music Seminar IS about:

  • Seeing the music business and your opportunities a new way.
  • Learning to create the music and content you need to succeed.
  • Standing out from your competition.
  • Legal and business basics that you must know.
  • Keeping up with the latest technology to put you in front.
  • Managing and monetizing your relationship with your fans.
  • Networking with others to build your own music business foundation.

During its 15-year run, the first New Music Seminar became one of the industry’s most influential music business gatherings, attracting more than 8,000 people from 35 countries, according to a news release. The seminar has since spawned almost every important music event worldwide, including South By Southwest, Winter Music Conference, In the City, and Canadian Music Week.


Madonna at The New Music Seminar 1984


“I am excited to hear that the New Music Seminar is coming back. Now again the music business is in a state of revolution. It now will favor the creative core (the writer, the artist, the producer.) I’m sure that the NMS will be the forum that will help guide the way for artists and their business partners in this new direction.”

– Chris Blackwell, founder Island Records

(U2, Bob Marley and The Wailers, Melissa Etheridge, Tom Waits, Grace Jones, Burning Spear, Angelique Kidgo,Steve Winwood,)


“The New Music Seminar led an insurgency that ushered in a new generation of music business leaders. The 21st century music business sorely needs that spirit again. The first NMS showed us how to hotwire the family Cadillac. The next NMS will show us how to choose the best hybrid on the lot.”

– Roland Swenson, Managing Director SXSW


“I salute Tom Silverman for bringing the New Music Seminar back and wish him best of luck for a long long run. … second time around. We should rally ’round and encourage this endeavor.”

– Seymour Stein, founder Sire Records

(Madonna, The Ramones, Talking Heads, The Pretenders, The Smiths, Depeche Mode, Fleetwood Mac,Deborah Harry, The Vronicas, Velvet Underground)

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