Never So Deep Records Continues Its Trek Toward Elite Independent Status


Never So Deep Records Continues Its Trek Toward Elite Independent Status

South Carolina April 07, 2009- Independent Hip Hop companies have survived predictions of their “impending death” more times than any other force in popular music. With five albums released in 2007, three album releases in 2008, and now 4 albums scheduled for release in 2009, Never So Deep Records defies the odds and continues its trek towards elite independent status.

On the schedule for spring 09′ are two eclectic album releases, “Gospels of Reverend Wallace,” Jim Snooka’s highly anticipated debuted album produced by DJ Bless (4/07/09) and “The Return Of The 12inch,” a DJ Bless production album. Already in circulation is Jim Snooka’s leadoff single and video “Killem All,” a true heat seeker. View video here:

Snooka’s debuted album “The Gospels of Reverend Wallace” will be available in all digital stores including the Never So Deep Record’s digital store (

About Jim Snooka:

When you talk about creativity, eclectic rap style and all around versatility you have to mention Jim Snooka (A/K/A Dirty Dickens). This 24 year old Chicago transplant (now residing in Columbia, South Carolina) has a rap style and sound reminisced of Red Man and Ol’ Dirty Bastard back in the day when they were unstoppable. This throw back rapper is what true Hip Hop heads have been longing for, a refreshing change. Jim Snooka was first introduced as a feature on the highly acclaimed album “Darko Effect” (Boondocks Saints-NSD-2005). Shortly after, he showcased his skills on the DJ Bless production album “A Perfect Murder.” The single from that album “Blowin Up The Spot” caused an instant buzz and was placed in rotation by numerous commercial, college, satellite and internet radio stations. “Blowin Up The Spot” was the top 5 added song of the week and broke into the top ten single slot on (Issue# 277-April 30, 2007). The single became a heat seeker and ended in the number 2 slot after a 6 week run. Snooka’s first video from that single (Blown Up The Spot) moved through the internet like an uncontrollable virus. It has registered over 100,000 video plays to date.

In less than 4 weeks after taking the number 2 college chart position with his debuted single “Blowin Up The Spot,” Never So Deep Records releasesd a second single and video on Jim Snooka . The single “Hostel” exploded onto the charts causing a seismic impact on commercial and non commercial radio alike. “Hostel” was one of the top 5 added records in college (Hip Hop) radio, top 5 underground record, and top 5 mixtape record ( May 12 2008). “Hostel” was added to over 500 college, satellite, and non commercial radio stations. The record was playing on 150 college stations, 25 internet stations and 4 satellite stations. This heat seeker also found its way into the international radio market. It played in rotation on stations in the UK, Netherlands, Japan, Poland, Germany, France and Croatia. “Hostel” climbed the charts (June 2008) to #1 on Rapattacklives, #3 Rapnetwork Record Breakers, top requested song on Mary Nichols AKA DJ Fusion’s syndicated radio show.

About DJ Bless:

DJ Bless secured his first Record label deal with MCA /Universal in 2002 at the age of 18 years old. Since entering the music industry, DJ Bless has showcased his production skills with some of the music industry’s best producers such as; Kanye West, Scott Storch, Sean Combs, Swizz Beats, Sha Money, Rick Rubin, Havoc, R. Kelly and many more. He has also produced songs on LiL Kim’s Chart busting Album Labella Mafia (Atlantic Records 2003). In 2004/2005 DJ Bless signature production was heard around the world on several high profile remixes including, Mystikal’s “Pu**y Pop” (Jive Records), Dirt Bag Featuring Fiend “I’ll Leave You Dead” (Jive Records) and releases from both Keith Murray and the Outlaws. In 2005/2006 DJ Bless produced and mixed several songs on a Wendy Goldstein Project “That One Way” (Czarnok, Capital Records) and also placed music on EA Sports Fight Night 2005. DJ Bless is presently working on several major industry production projects including the musical score for the docudrama “Hoop Realities” (Key Stone Films/And1) a follow up to the award winning documentary “Hoop Dreams”. DJ Bless has also been commissioned to direct and score his first full feature film (“Insane”) to be released in the winter of 2009/2010.

About Never So Deep Entertainment:

Never So Deep Entertainment is a company formed to act as a talent source, production/developmental company and a record label in the traditional sense of selling manufactured music all under one roof. Never So Deep Entertainment is the leading and fastest-growing independent e-music company in North America. The Never So Deep Entertainment corporate umbrella encompasses the Never So Deep Records Music label, Suicidal Filmz, and NSD Music Publishing. NSD Entertainment operates its own fully self contained record Label and film company based in New York/South Carolina. The record label covers multiple music genres. Founded 5 years ago in North America, Never So Deep Entertainment has built unique strengths in the development, production, marketing, licensing and distribution of recorded music and film.

For additional information on the Never So Deep Records label and its roster of artists, please visit or email

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