Mr. Pookie: In Stores Now

Album In Stores Now!!!

Back with the hot album” Return of The Rippla” Mr.
Pookie is demanding your attention.


In the beginning…Mr. Pookie established himself
with his first CD, Tha Rippla, back in 2000, which
sold some 100,000 copies around the Dallas area and
laid down a unique countrified hip-hop sound for the
D/FW area, fueled by the hits “Southern Made Playa,”
“Crook For Life” and the title cut. He formed the
label Crawl 2 Ball, with his protege Mr. Lucci in
2002 where
they released the much-talked-about
underground double CD “My Life”.

The laid-back Mr. Pookie’s RETURN OF THA
RIPPLA will pick up where his first album left off
five years ago, and go deeper into his flow. Leading
off with some sizzling singles, the Top 10 Billboard
Urban Singles Sales charter “Don’t Test Us,”
featuring Mr. Lucci and Mr. Montis, and the anthemic
“Heads Up,” featuring Lil’ Yo, the CD will make it
clear to all both inside and outside of Texas why
Mr. Pookie is considered “The King of Dallas Rap.”
Other stand-out tracks on the CD include “player
song” “Ride, Roll And Smoke,” the R&B -leaning
male/female duet “Feelin’ U,” and the
autobiographical “Young Man,” his personal favorite.
And listeners should also look out for “Robbin’ Tha
Game,” “Texas Niggaz,” “Hold Down,” “Playa From Tha
Start,” “Feel Like I Feel” and “Times Get Rough
(Won’t Give Up).”

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