Mr. Long Solo Album – Black Sheep Disbands

Legendary Mr.
Long Releases Self-Produced Solo Album
Sheep In The Past With Release of The Class Of
New York, NY — Producer and
prolific artist Mr. Long, formerly known as Mista Lawnge of the now
defunct Black Sheep, is moving into new territory with
his self-produced album, The Class of ’89. After a powerful
introduction to the world with Black Sheep’s 1991 opus, A Wolf In Sheep’s
Clothing, and years of worldwide touring with the group, Mr. Long
is bringing his talents to the forefront as a solo artist.
With the Summer 2006 release of
The Class of ’89, Long set out to make a strong statement about
the recent trends in Hip Hop music. He felt compelled to return to the
music scene because he believes that without strong intervention, today’s Rap
music will continue on an unproductive course. He firmly believes
that the new generation has promise beyond violence, drugs and
materialism that is so prevalent in today’s popular expression.
Because Mr. Long feels it is so
important for fans to relate to his message, he has made The Class of
’89 available for streaming on his page at “The commercial
light for the past 12 years has been on Rap music,” he explains. “Let’s
get back to Hip Hop!”

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The former “Mista Lawnge” of
the 90’s Hip Hop Group Black Sheep is challenging today’s rap artists
to be more creative and diverse – somebody change the style up,

With the release of his new album
The Class of ’89, and the revised stage name of Mr. Long, he
promises to bring back the style of the late 80’s and early 90’s which
was so prevalent among his generation of artists – Big Daddy Kane, Rakim,
KRS 1, Gangstarr, Pete Rock and C.L. Smooth, DAS EFX and EPMD.

Mr. Long’s new album is not only a
tribute to the past – when Hip Hop music imparted knowledge, causes and lyrical
creativity – but a promotion for major shifts among today’s Rap

Black Sheep’s 1991 release A
Wolf in Sheep’s Clothing charted three times on the Billboard Hot Dance
Music/Club Plan because fans were driven to more than a good beat. They
wanted to embrace the life choices and implications behind the songs to
hits like The Choice is Yours  and Strobelite

Mr. Long has taken the
past decade to reflect on his career, looking to New York’s
toughest streets to mentor up-and-coming artists.  All the while,
he has maintained a steady connection to his roots as a Hip Hop
artist, doing select club dates and national tours with Black Sheep.

Mr. Long felt compelled to come
back to the music scene with The Class of ’89
because he believes that without strong intervention, today’s Rap music will
continue down a collision course.  Producers, DJ’s and Hip Hop fans are
calling this new album a “revival” featuring tracks like “I Wish You Would,”
“Lickin’ and Stickin’” and “To The Beat Y’all.”  Mr. Long is convinced Rap
Music has promise beyond violence, drugs and materialism. For today’s
generation, he hopes to infuse a more positive direction for rap music with
a blast from the past in The Class of

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