Mr. Lif Gets Supersized With New Album Mo’ Mega

Mr. Lif gets Supersized on Mo’ Mega

Boston MC to drop sophomore full -length album,
tracks available for download from the Def Jux Pharmacy

NY April 24, 2006) Some artists make albums because they can. The great ones
make albums because they have to.
With that said, the first thing you need to know about Boston-bred MC Mr. Lif’s
new album, Mo’ Mega, is
that this is the album he had to

off of last year’s smash success with the Perceptionists (his collaboration with fellow MC Akrobatik and one of Rolling Stone’s Top 50 Albums of 2005), Lif is back with an arsenal
of new rhymes that showcase his massive talents as an MC, poet, and true life
reporter. Led off by the driving single “Brothaz,” the album covers a wide spectrum ranging from
introspective deliberation to biting social commentary. And while Lif is not
one to mince his words, the album maintains a balance of heavy subjects mixed
with more light-hearted fare. Mo Mega’s songs touch on everything from the
gluttony of American consumerism in “Ultra/Mega” and “The Fries”, to the dark underbelly of the music industry
in the parody “Murs is my Manager”, to a comical look at proper hygiene in “Washitup!”

and Def Jux head honcho El-P was
enlisted to produce the album and continues to push the boundaries of hip-hop
with a sound that is one part classic boom-bap and one part post-millennial
urban screech. The result is 11 driving tracks that will get your head nodding,
your fist pumping, and the adrenalin flowing. Mo’ Mega is slated for release on June 13th and will be
supported by a national tour.

worthy of note is that Mo’ Mega
will be available for purchase in digital format from the Defjux Pharmacy; their brand new download service ( Fans will
be able to purchase digital downloads directly from the source and have access
to exclusive remixes, live tracks, and more.

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