Mojoe gears up for their “Classic.Ghetto.Soul” September 12th Album Release

Mojoe gears up for their Classic.Ghetto.Soul September 12th Album Release

Presents a new side of Texas Hip Hop

August 21st, 2006

San Antonio, TX – The San Antonio duo
Mojoe are readying the release of their
debut album, Classic.Ghetto.Soul. for
September 12th, on Mathew Knowles’ Music
World Entertainment. Set to present a different
side of the often pigeon-holed sound of Southern Hip
Hop, the release is being described as “The Roots
meet Outkast over dinner with Marvin Gaye at
D’Angelo’s house.”

It’s no secret that Southern Hip Hop often dominates
record spins and sales, but it can be overlooked that
there are various types of Hip Hop coming out of the
South. The music is inspired by everything from
chopped and screwed to old southern soul.

Mojoe is a prime example of a group that is
influenced by a number of different artists including
the likes of Frankie Beverly featuring Maze to A Tribe
Called Quest. They also cite the Blues as having a
heavy influence on their sound which is not always a
genre of music that Hip Hop cats acknowledge as a
main source of inspiration. “Much of our influence
comes from the Blues because the Blues is about
what’s going on with the artist’s life, what they’re
going through at the time, and what they feel about
what’s going on in the world around them. That’s
what Hip Hop is about too.”

Classic.Ghetto.Soul, is scheduled for
September 12th release on Mathew Knowles’ new
label World Music Group, also home to Sunshine
Anderson who struck success with her smash
single “Heard it all before” back in 2001. Mojoe also
hopes with their debut album they can dispel
stereotypes about Texas hip-hop. “I think the
biggest misconception is that they think all Texas
artists talk about is cars, money, women and jewelry.
I believe the industry isn’t reaching out to artists
that come straight from their soul and talking about
something different. The industry is just focusing on
one aspect of Texas.”

Once everything is said and done, Mojoe wants to
carve their own lane and be known for making good
music. With an already strong following in their home
state they hope the rest of the world will soon
agree. ” We are just trying to accomplish to attain
more fans and the vision that we set with at the
beginning which is being who we are and putting
music back into the game the industry. And we want
to be responsible for that.”

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