Moe Green featuring Netta Brielle – Glory


DOWNLOAD: Moe Green featuring Netta Brielle – Glory

2011 has proven to be quite the year for Moe Green. Months back, Moe released the acclaimed Lionheart EP, a project that earned stellar reviews and spawned a handful of videos; since he’s busied himself performing in support of the project (including a handful of show dates withKreayshawn), and also released a handful of loosies and remixes over the months. A few of those tracks, in addition to a collection of new songs, are now being packaged and released this coming Monday, December 19th as the Free WaterEP, with the newest track of the bunch being today’s leak, “Glory.”

The track, produced by Fly Commons and featuring the soulful voice of Netta B. on the hook, stands a statement to the future as Moe finds himself reflecting on his past trials and tribulations. “I’m documenting where I’m at in my life at this point in time,” Moe states. “I’m working to take the steps that I need to take, but trying to break out of the day to day routine is hard sometimes.” If this new track is any indication, we’d say it looks like Moe is well on his way to making all the right moves as the New Year approaches.

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