Moe Green – 707 Video

Moe Green’s new EP, Lionheart, is on the way. But before it drops, this coming Saturday, June 25th, Moe has kept fans busy with a mix of EP and non-EP singles, including tracks that flip the work of a few of R&B’s fastest rising stars.First, came “Swim Great,” a track that found Moe putting his own touch on Frank Ocean’s “Swim Good,” and after came “707,” flipping the instrumental to The Weeknd’s “Glass Table Girls,” and in turn repping for his home town ofVallejo, CA as Moe spits inspired bars over the track’s recurring “Bring the 707 out” vocal sample.

Now, “707” has received visual treatment. Directed by G. Carter II, the video for the hometown track throws viewers into the backyards and underpasses of Vallejo, while a Sepia-toned Moe, sandwiched between two strips of rolling streets, asserts dominance and puts on for his city.

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