Minister Farrakhan answers questions from Big Meech, Young Buck, and BG

Big Meech, Young Buck, and BG seek guidance from Minister Farrakhan.

I’m not the biggest Farrahkhan fan but this is a good listen. The conference from the prison industrial complex about changing Hip Hop isn’t known to be verified to be true and he is almost 2 decades to late on his idea of when Hip Hop started but everything else he says is pretty much on point. Prison is big business. Those companies get money for each prisoner they have. They want us to go to prison because we are products for them.

The questions that come from Big Meech, Young Buck and BG are good ones. The problem is they come to late. Those questions should precede any action that leads to that 30 year prison sentence not after.

“People don’t build hotels unless they expect occupancy. People don’t build prisons unless they expect prisoners.”

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